My journey making a new friend, my struggle to balance friendship and a brotherly bond. These are my invaluable experiences. This blog is intended to organize my feelings as I begin my friendship with my new little, who I will call Tommy for the purpose of this blog.

My friend gave me a jar to put on my shelf where I could place my most valued ideas. I should just screw off the top and there in I would plop all of my thoughts. They would cascade into this jar of mine, whirling and spinning around.

But before I could twist off this top to plop my very own opinions and ideas, I had to listen to my friend’s thoughtless thoughts. For his are grossly graver than any wishes of miniscule me. Twist went the lid and out he let slid all what could have been my precious impressions and aims. Then all that I knew was what he put into my jar of a friend’s ideas.

On my shelf it now sits with the crumbling cork covering what I could never put in. My abandoned eyes gaze with an unworried head haze fixed on this sated jar. Shallow and silly it seems nay knowing ones own dreams. I’m watching others’ dreams spinning and twirling on my shelf in a jar.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Proactive Reflections

It’s interesting how guys like my friend Tommy opt to participate in programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters, proactive programs, who are in such upsettingly unfortunate situations with such unsettlingly unsure futures. Tommy is taking his future into his own hands. He knows that he can and deserves a better hand than the cards he was dealt. I am surrounded by the most fortunate of people. People who opt to do just the opposite of Tommy. Surronded by guys with every door cracked open for them. All they have to do it nudge the door ajar whereas Tommy’s door is bolted shut. Someone give this kid a chainsaw. Thank you. I have become more and more hostile to former friends who I am forced to witness flush their lives away. If you’re not going to use your future, can I give it to Tommy? He really wants it.

I wrote this poem reflecting on the aloofness and laziness that has unhealthily surrounded me for too long. What can I do other than reflect and plan to react proactively, like Tommy.

the Pretender

Amidst thwarted kings crowns

and burglarized barnacle bars,

a' throne lies our great Pretender

pockets packed with hours of ours

His escapades delightful,

His smile unbesmirched,

His coruscating crowns cosmeticize

His character of dirt

And as us minions leave the court

distressed, disillusioned and disturbed

we bid you adiedu! Oh, great Pretender

to wallow and to weep, while unheard

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